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Stanford Reverses Course: ACT/SAT Scores Required for Class of 2030 Admissions

Stanford University has decided to reinstate ACT and SAT requirements for admissions starting with the class of 2030, reversing the test-optional policy adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Disgraced Rapper Loses Honorary Degree After Assault Video Surfaces

The incident that led to Sean 'Diddy' Combs losing his honorary degree from Howard University has captured significant public attention

Oil and Gold Rally: A Disciplined Investment Strategy for Volatile Times

The investment landscape has experienced seismic shifts due to surging oil prices and record-breaking gold rallies. Popular funds like XLE and GLD have seen substantial fluctuations, presenting unique opportunities for investors.

Compensation Rises as Small Businesses Fight to Attract and Retain Talent

Small businesses are grappling with a significant labor market squeeze, creating a major operational challenge.

Inflation Battle: Central Banks’ Rate Hikes and Jamie Dimon’s 8% Caution

Across the globe, central banks are ramping up interest rates in their ongoing effort to combat persistent inflation.

Unleash the Power of Google’s Find My Device: Locate Lost Items Anywhere, Anytime

Google's Find My Device network is redefining the way we track lost items by offering global coverage.

Reclaim Your Focus: Customize iPhone with Assistive Access for Less Screen Time

Assistive Access is a feature introduced by Apple in iOS 17 to create a simpler, more focused digital experience

Unmasking AI-Generated Content: Meta’s Labeling Initiative Ahead of 2024 Elections

Meta is taking significant strides to combat AI-driven misinformation by introducing "Made with AI" labels for AI-generated content. This includes videos, audio, and images.

Prioritizing Privacy: Microsoft Makes Windows Recall Opt-In, Adds Windows Hello Security

Last month, Microsoft introduced a cutting-edge AI-powered feature called Recall for its Copilot+ PCs. The design aimed to revolutionize how users access past data by maintaining a detailed history of their activities. This seemed like a forward-thinking innovation at first glance, promising enhanced productivity and convenience.

Apple’s RCS Messaging: The Game-Changer That May Make iPhone Users Quit WhatsApp

On June 10th, Apple plans to make a major announcement: the support for Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging on iPhones. This update is arriving sooner than expected, pushing forward from the original late 2024 timeline. The integration of RCS will enable iPhone users to enjoy enhanced messaging features when communicating with Android devices, a significant step towards improving cross-platform communication and overall user experience.